Pre tender site visit

Hello everybody ,my name is Anil Shetty and I have been a construction contractor for the last 25 years .i have a degree in civil engineering .The Indian construction industry is one of the largest service providers in the has quite a few big players and some medium size construction companies ,and large section of small construction firms.i have had both good and bad experiences in the last 25 I thought I would start writing on various issues and problems in this line, and if this would help other contractors then it would be satisfying for me.
Today I will be writing on prebid site visit .the site visit is very important before you quote as it helps in gathering information about the site and material availability and costs.points to be considered during the site visit
1)approach to the site, is there a proper approachable road to the site or do you have to make one,if you have to make a road is it included in your cost or will the owner make the road for you
2) is the site level, or different parts of site at different levels
3) what is the water table at site, does it get flooded in monsoon
4) please ask for a subsoil condition report this is very important to make your program ,to know off there is soil,or soft rock or hard rock in the foundation .
5)area for dumping excavated soil,and at what distance is it from proposed structure
6)area for site office, material storage and labour camps.are you allowed to put up labour camps at site or do you have to provide accommodation outside.if you have to provide outside at what distance and what is the transport cost involved
7)availability of all construction material like sand and jelly ,cement,stone,hollow block,bricks,steel and their price
8)availability of local labour both skilled and unskilled and the wages prevailing and their skills too
9)electric supply at site is it in owners scope or do you have to make arrangement ,same with water for construction do you have to make your own arrangement or will the owner supply at one point
10) if it is a site away from your head office or place where you are based then you will have to make rental accommodation for your staff.cost of rental accommodation
11) the nearest diesel bunk
I have tried to cover most of what I know if you feel I have left out anything please contact me at